•History made with the power of tradition•

A taste that has united generations

The butchery tradition in the family goes back over 25 years, when Stanisław Rąbała, the founder of the company, started producing cold meats and sausages in his farmhouse using the traditional smoking method. From the very beginning, he built the exceptional taste of his products on recipes handed down from mouth to mouth in the Kociewie region, which he perfected in his own way to achieve the highest quality for himself, his family and his loved ones. The good fame of these products quickly spread among friends and acquaintances. The taste loved by Stanisław Rąbała turned out to be equally unique for many gourmets. In a short time, the good fame of the products attracted many loyal customers, who use the products of St. Rąbała to this day. Due to the dynamic growth, within three years of its establishment, the company introduced independent slaughtering and meat processing. The strength of taste in our sausages was born from passion, love for tradition and hard work of our trusted employees..

Full control over quality

Since the beginning of the company's operation, its owners have focused on the highest quality of the offered products. Thanks to that we managed to create a strong and lasting brand, which is appreciated by a growing number of satisfied, regular customers every year. Our butchery carries out slaughtering and meat processing, and thanks to our own distribution network, we have full control over the sold product, which ultimately reaches the tables of residents of the northern part of the country. Complete implementation of the entire production process is the secret of freshness and quality of our products. We cooperate with trusted and valued breeders from the Kociewie region. The company is fully adapted to the requirements of the European Union, the quality and hygiene control system HACCP functions in the company.

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Sports activities 

TThe tradition of supporting sports is very strong in our family. Grandfather Augustyn Zander was the founder and long-time president of a sports club in Pelplin. Thanks to his activity and organisation he was able to significantly contribute to obtaining funds for the construction of a sports stadium in Pelplin and for many years supporting the sports sections of the club. Father Stanislaw Rąbała was also strongly involved in sports activities. For many years, he was a sports patron of youth sport, supporting junior clubs. He made sure that young players had the right conditions for training. In the years 2004 - 2008 he was the President of the Wierzyca Pelplin club - it was at that time that the club celebrated its greatest successes, reaching the 3rd league competition. The current generation continues the family work and actively supports the ST. Rąbała - Jedynka Pelplin and the Bloczek Team Sports Club. Our support enables young players to develop their talents properly throughout Pomerania.

Prizes and awards

Betting on the highest quality of products offered by our company and consolidating in the minds of our customers a strong brand over the functioning of St. Rabin received many honors and prestigious industry awards. However, these awards do not overshadow the uniqueness and importance played by the smile and satisfaction of our loyal customers, who for years have supported our business by buying and recommending our products.

European Union funds

"European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas"

The operation entitled "Improving the competitiveness of the plant as a result of the implementation of process and technology innovation through the purchase of new machinery and equipment and a system for production management and control" aimed at introducing process and technology innovation to the plant is co-financed by the European Union under the sub-measure "Support for investment in the processing of agricultural products, their marketing or their development" of the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020.